Team Members

The Guardian Asset Managers Team Consists of:

Darrell Clendenen • Managing Director

Darrell Clendenen is the Managing Director and General Counsel for Guardian Asset Management. Mr. Clendenen specializes in investment funding and management matters and oversees the companies private and public equity and debt funding activities. He has over thirty years experience advising individual and corporate clients on organizing and managing real estate funds, venture capital funds, private and public equity funds and other kinds of investment modalities. Mr. Clendenen’s expertise includes not only the transactional aspects of public and private investment vehicles but the litigation of issues in both State and Federal court.

Mr. Clendenen was a co-founder of IN-CO Company, a real estate real estate brokerage and development company formed in 1972 to organize, fund ,construct and manage industrial and commercial real estate investments in California and Arizona. IN-CO Company was sold in 1983 and Mr. Clendenen formed Group Financial Inc. to advise individuals, corporation, and Investment companies in the public and private financing and development of real estate investment opportunities. He is on the Board of Directors of Group Financial which is the Managing Member, General Partner and management company for many real estate funds and entities which own and operate real estate investments in the Western United States.

Following his honorable discharge from the United States Army in 1969 Darrell received his Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Long Beach City College, his Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance with Investment Emphasis from the California State University, Long Beach, and his Juris Doctorate Degree from Western State University School of Law. Mr Clendenen has been an active member of the American Bar Association, is a Member of the California State Bar and is admitted to practice in the 9th Circuit Central and Northern District Federal Courts. In addition to his academic achievements he achieved the Class IV senior real estate appraiser designation from the Savings and Loan institute, is a California Licensed Real Estate Broker, and a California Department of Consumer Affairs licensed Building Contractor.

Bryan Clendenen • CEO

Bryan Clendenen has been in the real estate business for over fifteen years. Bryan’s expertise includes the entitlement, financing, construction, and management of over $50 million in Industrial, Commercial and Aircraft Storage Facilities throughout California and Texas. In addition to his experience in the creation and development of diverse real estate investments Bryan has overseen transactions in excess of $75 million. Bryan’s education and work experience in international banking and investments and his many years of hands on real estate development and construction makes him uniquely qualified to not only handle the needs of the companies clients but manage the internal affairs of the corporation.

Upon receiving his MBA in 2000 Mr. Clendenen joined Franklin/Templeton Investments, where he worked as an equity research analyst. While at Franklin Templeton Bryan conducted research and performed analysis for multiple industries for his employers clients. His research was vital to portfolio managers in their selection of companies for large institutions and state pension funds including CALPERS and NYSLRS. His extensive knowledge and experience in debt and equity securities, real estate investment, land acquisition, entitlements, construction management, brokerage, property management, and property disposition, provides Bryan with the unique insight to view investment opportunities from all angles to achieve the maximum return to the client.

Bryan Clendenen holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Miami, where he received the Merrill Lynch Executive Business Scholarship. Bryan obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate Finance from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, and brings over 15 years of real estate development, investment, management and brokerage experience to the Guardian Team.

Ann Cox • CFO

Ann Cox is a Certified Public Accountant with audit report certification authority and is the Controller and Chief Financial Officer for Guardian Asset Management Services, Inc. Ms. Cox has more than twenty five years experience as a public and private accountant and has served as a director and corporate officer in real estate development and management companies as well being the controller or auditor for healthcare facilities and educational institutions throughout California.

As Controller and Chief Financial Officer for Guardian Asset Management Services, Inc., Ms. Cox is responsible for overseeing all property and corporate finance operations, including financial planning, commercial property financing, and preparing financial reports for the company’s institutional clients as well as its individual investors.

Prior to joining Guardian, Ms. Cox was CFO for Group Financial, Inc. where she created a computerized financial management system, developed it financial reporting system for use by its senior executives and stockholders, supervised the development of the company’s operating budget and negotiated with financial institutions for terms and pricing of the company’s acquisition line of credit.

From 2000 to 2005, Ms. Cox served as an Internal Audit Manager with the certified public accounting firm of Nigro, Nigro and White, LP which was a highly specialized and respected auditing firm with expertise in auditing public agencies. Ms. Cox was responsible for organizing and implementing audit procedures and supervising auditors vested with the responsibility to track and account for over $2 billion in funds provided to state agencies annually.

Ms. Cox graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of California, Riverside, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.