Court Appointed Fiduciary/Receiverships

Why Lenders Trust Guardian

Economic conditions in general, and the depressed real estate market specifically, has forced Private and Public Financial Institutions to transition from the traditional business of making loans and servicing debt, to that of landlord, real estate owner, and in some cases developer and contractor. These institutions, like the private investor, find themselves owning real property assets which are distressed, declining in value, and/or being neglected. An additional problem confronting institutions is the neglect and deterioration of properties securing loans that are in default and debtors that are converting the rents for their own benefit. Guardian’s team members include individuals that are experienced receivers, who can act quickly as an intermediary in securing appropriate court orders to take physical possession of the assets at risk, provide detailed transparent accounting services for the lender and the court and implement management and liquidation strategies therein relieving the institutional asset manager of the daily management and accounting obligations and making the institutions employees more efficient and productive.