The global economy has significantly deteriorated since 2007 due largely to easy credit access by everyone causing unsustainably high investment returns and expectations. The ease with which unqualified and under capitalized investors could obtain credit created a feeding frenzy throughout the global real estate market thus causing asset values to soar leaving the educated investor with little opportunity to acquire fairly valued assets. Following the Q3 2008 credit crisis, banking institutions and investment syndicates have seen their asset portfolios collapse and many have become insolvent and/or have gone out of business causing a lack of availability of institutional debt financing. This lack of access to financing has created a reduction in real estate liquidity forcing the unqualified and under capitalized investors out of the industry thus causing values to fall below inflation adjusted equilibrium. Despite the gloomy forecasts,the enlightened investor can utilize seasoned and proven professionals and strategies to secure and realize superior returns on their investment capital.