Return On Investment

Guardian Asset Management has determined and formulated an economic model known as the Bottom Up Cash Flow Growth Paradigm (The “Bottom Up” Paradigm”) that will facilitate an intrinsic rate of return on a leveraged or unleveraged investment in value Real Estate, with a competitive and generous return on investment (ROI). Optimal ROI is derived through a combination of cash and leverage optimizing investor return while maintaining management flexibility to minimize risk.

What makes the Bottom Up Paradigm effective is the over 70 years combined experience of the principals of Guardian Commercial Real Estate Services whose understanding of real estate cycles, location and product type combined with specific property evaluation and analyses, are combined with aggressive and accomplished representation and professional services to:

  • Locate, negotiate and acquire distressed investment properties at the “right price and terms”
    • Trustee Sale, Receivership, Bank Owned of Foreclosure Investment Properties: Specifically Industrial Buildings, Flex Commercial, Distribution Facilities, Mixed Use Centers, Medical Facilities and Incubator Multi-Tenant Complexes.
    • Opportunity to acquire Class B buildings in secondary markets and college towns throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, where lack of liquidity has depressed prices and raised current yields
    • Ability to negotiate pricing in an aggressive manner for sellers and owners having lack of liquidity
  • Provide professional support to hold and manage the properties to maximize their cash flow, return on investment while using the Bottom Up Paradigm for ensuring debt obligations optimize investors ROI, while maintaining flexibility to minimize market risks.

Utilizing the Bottom Up Paradigm investors can make economical acquisitions and management decisions yielding higher rates of return (before and after tax) while minimizing near term capital gains. Guardian Asset Management’s expertise in locating and securing properties that meet this scenario makes this a premiere option for the skeptical investor looking to capitalize on the current market opportunity in value Real Estate Investing.